Female Figurative Art, Part 1 - FOR SALE. Please HOLD CURSOR OVER IMAGE FOR DETAILS ("Windows Explorer" needed for this function, or ask: "5th image down in FFA1", etc.), and PRICE

What is "Female Figurative Art"? The essence of whatever it is that makes a woman beautiful - the context of that beauty...

Image: "MOROCCAN GIRL" - An Original Cubist Gouache by "MOLOCH" [ B. Colomb, cf. BENEZIT]. Price on Application

Image: "Holiday in Venice" - An Original Hand-Coloured Engraving by ANDRE DIGNIMONT. SOLD

Image: "Hot Photo" - Original pen and ink drawing by DES TAYLOR. This image now SOLD. Others AVAILABLE

STOP PRESS Just in: A Rare Seductive Hand-Coloured Engraving by The Renowned French Illustrator ANDRE DIGNIMONT (1891-1965), showing

"The Morning After The Night Before"

PRICE: 450

A Vibrant Drawing of a Female Photographer - JUST SOLD ! "Paparazza"? - by The Exciting Contemporary Artist and Illustrator, DES TAYLOR. 350 (See "Female Figurative Art, part 3" for another example of Des's work). OTHER IMAGES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST - PLEASE ENQUIRE ABOUT FORTHCOMING EXHIBITION

We are also, delighted to be still offering A FINE SELECTION of 10 ORIGINAL FASHION DRAWINGS (4 illustrated below) by GUSTAVE KLIMT'S PUPIL, ERNST DRYDEN (see other examples in "Female Figurative Art, Parts 1 and 2" below.

Each image: 19 in. high X 12 in. wide(48 cm. x 31 cm. wide)

All Enquiries, or to Arrange a Viewing, contact etpollinger@live.com (see usual links), or for an instant response, by phone, on 07834 601432. Or you can always GOOGLE "Edmund Pollinger".

Image: Original pen,ink and wash Fashion Drawing by Ernst Dryden.

Image: Original pen, ink and wash Fashion Drawing by Ernst Dryden.

Image: Original pen, ink and wash Fashion Drawing by Ernst Dryden.

Image: Original pen-ink and wash Fashion Drawing by Ernst Dryden.

Image: "ERTE" - "Love Screen", an original limited edition serigraph, this unnumbered, but SIGNED by Erte in pencil, 1980. (With the artist's estate stamp at verso). Later editions had the signature printed in gold or silver. PRICE:

Image: Original fashion drawing from The House of "PAX COUTURE", c. 1925. PRICE ON APPLICATION


IMPORTANT NOTE: HOLD THE CURSOR OVER EACH PICTURE FOR DESCRIPTION, AND PRICE. If for any reason, you are unable to access either, see tel. no. below.

To order any item, for an instant response, just call 07834 601 432, or email at etpollinger@hotmail.com. Or you can always GOOGLE "Edmund Pollinger"

"FEMALE FIGURATIVE ART" in all media, including Sculpture, and incorporating everything from Individual Film Stills, through Portraits, or Narrative Sketches, to Fully Finished and bona fide Masterpieces in Oil and Watercolour; from the Classic "Glamour Model" shots from “The 1940s”, through "Artist's Models", to "Art Deco"-influenced Film Stills, and those influenced by "Film Noir".

CLICK "Female Figurative Art, Part 2" below, to access a "Private Collection" of more than 80 examples on paper, in all media, to inspire the start of your own.

Image: RAOUL DUFY: "L'Amour", number 19 of 30 artist's proofs only (in pencil), with the "Atelier Raoul Dufy" impressed stamp. PRICE:

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: RAOUL DUFY: "L'Amour", number 19 of 30 artist's proofs only (in pencil), with the "Atelier Raoul Dufy" impressed stamp. PRICE: 1800

1) *A Rare Opportunity to purchase an Original Pen, Ink, and Wash Drawing by ERNEST DRYDEN (see below), of a "BAR SCENE,CASABLANCA".

PRICE: 1200

Dryden, one of the finest commercial artists of his generation, was also known as one of the foremost poster artists in Germany. Dryden served as an officer in the Imperial Flying Corps during WWI, and then began his career as a menswear designer, moving to New York in 1933 and onto Hollywood in 1934. Bronislau Kaper and his wife discovered the lifeless body of Dryden, sitting in a chair holding a telephone receiver, Dryden was dead from a heart attack brought on by Grave's Disease.

Image: "BAR SCENE, CASABLANCA” by ERNST DRYDEN, pupil of the Viennese Master Painter: GUSTAVE KLIMT. Price:



“ICARUS”– Part-adapted “KNEELING WOMAN WITH HOOP” at lower right, ONLY.

Produced for the “Xart Walls” Series

Printed in Zurich, by Emile Matthieu, c.1968.


A roll of screen-printed wallpaper in colours on silver metallic background, featuring the image described above, recurring 16 times. (section of 2 separated from the roll).

Size: 10,000 x 530 mm.

NOTE: Allen Jones personally remembers that this “wallpaper series” also featured a “Blue Cow” by Andy Warhol, some work by Sam Francis, and an example by the notorious “Pulp” cartoonist, Eric Stanton.

Not recorded in the Lloyd: “Allen Jones” Catalogue Raisonne. Rare.

*See the right hand corner of Jones' original print, “Icarus”, illustrated below the following image, to see the wallpaper's inspiration, and one of the 22 actual recurring panels, shown immediately below.

Image: A Repetition of 22 images on an Original Wallpaper Roll by Allen Jones. Price

Image: The actual print, "Icarus", by Allen Jones, from which our image is taken.

Image: "The Duel" : an Original 1920s hand-stencilled "Pochoir" print, in a black lacquer frame, and signed by "Endre". PRICE:

Image: "The Opium Den": an Original 1920s hand-stencilled "Pochoir" print, in a black lacquer frame, and signed by the artist, "Endre". PRICE:

Image: "The Chorus Line": an original hand-stencilled "pochoir" by "Gilbert", circa 1920, mounted. PRICE:

Image: "Fashion Design" - Original English "Pochoir: "Specimen of The Jean Berte Process", c. 1925. PRICE:

Image: "See You Later!" - Original hand-stencilled "pochoir" by "Tito", c. 1925, printed from woodblocks and finished by hand. PRICE:

Image: "Dancing Around The World - Spain", an original hand-stencilled "pochoir" plate, c. 1935, by E. Gallois, mounted. PRICE:

Image: "Dancing Around The World - India", an original hand-stencilled "pochoir" plate by E. Gallois, c. 1935, mounted. PRICE:

Image: "Dancing Around The World - America", an original hand-stencilled "pochoir" plate by E. Gallois, c. 1935,mounted. PRICE:

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