Female Figurative Art, Part 3: A Private Collection (64 Pictures) - For Inspiration (all enquiries: 07834 601432). HOLD CURSOR OVER IMAGE FOR DETAILS ("Windows Explorer" needed, or just ask: "5th image in FFA3?)

What is "Female Figurative Art"? The essence of whatever it is that makes a woman beautiful - the context of that beauty...

Parts 2, 3, and 4 of "FFA" represent 20 years of The Owner collecting images of Beautiful Women in all visual media.

Individual items are NOT for sale, except in exceptional circumstances - but you can always ask!

In any case, other paintings by the same artist can be procured - many have become known personally to The Owner - or, if you are inspired by a limited edition print, another image may be secured from the same print run!

Let us know by phone, email or letter, and we can start the search.

Image: "IRIS" - An Original Gouache by SEAN FLANAGAN

Image: "CARNAL ALPHABET" - An Original Screenprint Limited to 250 Signed Copies on Hahnemuhle Paper by MALIKA FAVRE

Image: "MOROCCAN GIRL" - An Original Cubist Gouache by B. COLOMB ["Moloch", cf. BENEZIT]. Print on Application


Image: "Le Plaisir" - ORIGINAL SCREENPRINT, one of 25 signed by MALIKA FAVRE



Image: TRACIE'S NEW WORKOUT [STALKER IV] - Original LIMITED EDITION (100) Lamda Colour Photograph by ANDREAS KOCK

Image: "OF LITTLE CONSEQUENCE?" - Original Oil by RACHEL DEACON (purchased "ART EROTICA 2012")

Image: DAVID DOWNTON "CLASSIC FASHION" - A Unique Giclee, numbered 1of 1, and SIGNED

Image: "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" ("CANNES 1957") - Original Pastel and Watercolour by AN UNKNOWN ARTIST

Image: LAURA KNIGHT - "Sensual Beauty"

Image: "SEX WAR SEX CARS SEX" - Original Screenprint by CHRISTOPHER LOGUE & DEREK BOLSHIER, c. 1970

Image: "HI BEAUTIFUL!" - Original pen, ink, and watercolour by "REGINE"

Image: "I KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE" - An Original Pen, ink, and Wash drawing by MARIUS WOULFARD. Sold.

Image: "THE SINGING BUTLER" - An Original Acrylic after "JACK VETTRIANO"

Image: "HOMMAGE TO HORST" - An Original Acrylic by MIKE FRANCIS

Image: "KARIN" - an original Sanguine Drawing by ROBBIE WRAITH

Image: "Ophelia - A Homage to John Everett Millais" - An original oil on canvas by MARLENE ORLERRY, L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Nancy)

Image: "L'Amour", by RAOUL DUFY, number 19 of 30 artist's proofs only (in pencil), with the "Atelier Raoul Dufy" impressed stamp. ESTIMATE: 1000-1500

Image: "Cherie, Reading and Relaxing"- An Original Pastel Drawing by VICTORIA FONTAINE-WOLF

Image: "Holiday in Venice" - An Original Hand-Coloured Engraving by ANDRE DIGNIMONT.

Image: "Draped Luxury" - A n Original Engraving on Japon by JOHN BUCKLAND WRIGHT

Image: "Sparkling Youthful Innocence" - An Original Etching by JAMES ARDEM GRANT, RP ARE (1887-1973)

Image: "The Rites of Spring" by ROSANA IBARROLA - original acrylic ink on watercolour paper, with goldleaf paint

Image: HAND-PRINTED FRONTISPIECE for "The Lepidopterist's Dream" from "NUDE EGO" (Hazard Books, 2007) by COBEA WELLS

Image: "Streetwalkers" - An original dry-point etching by PIERRE BONNARD

Image: "Bordello Thoughts" by AN UNKNOWN ARTIST (one of 8 pen, ink and watercolour drawings, window-mounted in a common frame), c. 1920

Image: "Tut-Tut" - An Original Pencil Drawing by RAY LEANING

Image: "Are you joining me?" by ANITA KLEIN - original engraving, number 31 of 100 only, signed by The Artist

Image: "Reclining Goddess" by DENNIS GILBERT NEAC - an original chalk drawing on black paper

Image: "Abandon" by GARY BENFIELD - an original "mixed media" composition, inc. pencil, pastel, watercolour, and GOLDLEAF!

Image: "The Bedroom Goddess" - COVER DESIGN (A Unique Giclee Print SIGNED) by DES TAYLOR, for "How to be A Bedroom Goddess" by SOPHIA MORTENSON (1999).

Image: [ANDY WARHOL] "La Fonda" by PIETRO PSAIER, the ORIGINAL PROOF, Signed by The Artist, with WARHOL'S "Factory Additions" Stamp. Applied Silkscreens, Printed on Fruitwood Planks, finished by hand, "gem dust" tinted.

Image: EROTIC POSTAGE STAMP (here MUCH enlarged) by (?) ROBERT WATTS. One of 3 Showing, all overprinting the original, once issued in 1908 in Tetuan, SPANISH MOROCCO, indistinctly SIGNED at verso

Image: "How do you like me?" - An Original Drawing by ALAN WHITE. Sold.

Image: "If Wishes Were Horses ..." - Original oil painting on canvas by MARK PEARSON, in hand-made frame.

Image: "Sono Sazio di Pesce" ["I am Brimming with Fish"] - original acrylic painting by JOSEP UCLES. Provenance: "Galleria d'Arte del Naviglio", Milan. SOLD

Image: "Bianca" - Watercolour by WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT

Image: "Caroline, Where Have You Been" - Original Acrylic by JOHN HESELTINE

Image: "You can turn round now" by "R.F." Original oil on canvas

Image: "Portrait of The Artist, by The Artist" by KATE MARSHALL - Original linocut, signed, one of 25 only in red. 25 were also issued in black.

Image: "Meme Les Dieux ont Envie de Toi" ["Even The Gods Want You"] - limited edition EROTIC dry-point by FREDERIC PIERRE, with hand-colouring and gold highlights, ONE OF 21 COPIES ONLY (one from the complete suite of 5 illustrated)

Image: "A Hot Night in August" - an ORIGINAL CHARCOAL DRAWING by Mark CLARK

Image: "Aline Reclining" Original pen, ink and watercolour by JANET SKEA

Image: "Reading for Pleasure" Limited edition (1 OF 6 ONLY) dry-point etching SIGNED by ALBERT VIVANTE

Image: "ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?" - An Original gouache by SACHA ZALIOUK. Sold.

Image: "Sally Reclining" Limited edition dry-point etching (one of 75 only) SIGNED by MARK CLARK

Image: "In The Car" - Original Oil on paper by Colin SMITH

Image: "My Kind of Woman" Original charcoal on paper by IAIN MCNAB (Slade School). SOLD.

Image: "Happy Memories" - Original pastel drawing signed by BORIS SMIRNOFF

Image: "A Hot Night in Provence" - Original oil painting by JOHN SULLIVAN

Image: "Charlotte in Her Prime" - Original pastel by PAUL HEDLEY

Image: "Josephine Baker" - Print by PAUL COLIN

Image: "Lee Miller Torso" - photograph by MAN RAY

Image: "Blue Angel" - original linocut signed by LINDA FARQUARSON, number 5 of 10 copies ONLY, in a hand-made vintage devotional frame

Image: "A Brazen Look" - original unattributed 19th Century EROTIC pencil drawing

Image: "The man with all the luck" - original coloured "pochoir" stencil from "LA GAZETTE DE BON TON", c. 1928

Image: "Casanova brings a blush to her cheek" - original coloured "pochoir" stencil by GEORGE BARBIER, from "LA GAZETTE DE BON TON", c. 1925

Image: "Gay, as I imagine her to be" - original pencil sketch by VERNON WARD, 1955. SOLD.

Image: "Its not you, it's me" - original limited edition screenprint signed by NIAGARA, number 78 of 155 copies ONLY

Image: "Relaxed" - original pencil drawing by VERNON WARD, 1955. SOLD.

Image: "Sur La Sable" by LOUIS ICART, final PROOF limited edition aquatint, SIGNED in pencil, and INSCRIBED beneath the mount in Pencil by ICART: "C'est bon pour 350 exemplaires. Louis Icart"

Image: "Soft Awakening" - an original mezzotint by and after ÉDOUARD LOUIS DUBUFE (1820-1883)

Image: "Lesbian Orgy" - Wood-engraved illustration by ROBERT GIBBINGS for The Golden Cockerel Press

Image: "Buenos Aires Tango" by MIRTHA ZUIZOS

Image: "Little Penthouse" - drypoint limited to 84 copies only by MARTIN LEWIS, 1931

Image: "The Bet, Bali" [Homage to Gaughin] - a CHARCOAL DRAWING on panel by Clare CROSSLEY

Image: "L'Idylle Printaniere" by "ROJAN" [FEODOR ROJANKOVSKI] - one coloured lithograph from the complete series of 30, 1934

Image: "See you later!" - Original pen, ink, and Wash drawing by ALAN WHITE. Sold

Image: EROTIC ENGRAVED BOOKPLATE (much enlarged - see below) by MARK SEVERIN

Image: EROTIC BOOKPLATE: The ORIGINAL Pencil Drawing (actual size) SIGNED by MARK SEVERIN, mounted on the title of "Modern Erotic Bookplates" by Luc Van den Briele (1999)

Image: "DAVINA" - painting now destroyed

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