Female Figurative Art, Part 4: A Private Collection ( Pictures) - For Inspiration (all enquiries: 07834 601432). HOLD CURSOR OVER IMAGE FOR DETAILS ("Windows Explorer" needed, or just ask: "5th image in FFA3?)

Image: "A MOMENT SUSPENDED IN TIME" - An Original Abraded Acrylic with Goldleaf and Platinum Highlights by BARRY WILSON

Image: "REDHEAD PERFECTION" - An Original Pencil and Colour Drawing by JIM SILKE

Image: "LES REVES ROSE III - SWING!!" - An Original pen and ink drawing by DELPHINE LEBOURGEOIS

Image: An Original TOM WESSELMANN invitation from HAMILTON'S GALLERY

Image: "PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES" - An Original Gouache by CHARLES PAINE (1895-1967)

Image: [JOSEPHINE BAKER] "WELL, DID YOU EVER ..?" - An Original Pen, Ink, and Wash Drawing by WILLIAM HENRY MATTHEWS, c. 1930

Image: "MARILYN'S FIRST SHOOT FOR PLAYBOY" - Taken from An Original Copy

Image: "BLACK COCKTAIL" - An Oriiginal Coloured Pencil Drawing, with Gold Highlights, by SUE McCARTNEY-SNAPE,

Image: "HERE COME THE GIRLS" - An Original Screenprin,t with Gold Highlights, number 1 of 1, signed by JENNIFER DIONISIO

Image: "THE LAKE TWINS" - An Original Coloured Pencil Drawing by THE LAKE TWINS Themselves

Image: "DORETTE" - After an Original Etching by GERALD BROCKHURST

Image: "URBAN BALLET WITH CAT" - An Original Linocut, number 8 of 9 only, signed by ALAN WHITE

Image: "MARINA" - An Original proof Engraved Portrait by BRUNO CARUSO

Image: "SEXY" - A limited edition installation by VOLKER KUHN

Image: "NATURAL BEAUTY" - An Original Crayon Drawing by MARCEL VERTES

Image: "PERFECT BALANCE" - an original Silver Gelatin Print by EWE-MARI JOHANSSON

Image: "LEATHER OFFCUT LOVERS" - A Unique Bookmark, produced by ARK for BOOK LOVERS

Image: "BEAUTY ON YOUR HAND" - A Unique ink Handstamp painting by RUSSELL POWELL

Image: "SMOKE 1" - A unique proof print, apart from the edition of 35, signed and INSCRIBED to me by DELPHINE LEBOURGEOIS

Image: "350 Million" (BREXIT SATIRE) - a hand-screenprinted image by STANLEY DONWOOD & CHRIS HOPEWELL, limited to 60 copies only

Image: "WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN - an original 18th Century stipple engraving by "KONRAD"

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